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Lipidomics for personalized medicine

Lipidomics is the large-scale study of pathways and networks of cellular lipids, or naturally occurring molecules, in biological systems. Lipids function as energy storages and signaling molecules, and are associated with metabolic diseases such as diabetes. Lipidomics can be used for biomarker discovery and development. Lipids are used as disease biomarkers, or they may function as specific drug response markers measuring the drug’s effectiveness and safety.

Zora Biosciences enables personalized medicine starting from early-stage biomarkers to companion diagnostics. Zora Biosciences has developed multiple platforms for molecular lipid quantification which are used in high-throughput screening (HTS). The new data derived from these screenings provides a valuable contribution to both basic science and drug R&D. Lipidomics is also applicable to therapy areas such as CNS and oncology.

Zora offers services in the field of lipodomic research, such as target discovery and validation, dosage responses as well as toxicological and translational studies.


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