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Nicanti offers printed electronics used for authentication and tracking. With an in-depth knowledge of polymer sciences, radio frequency physics and mathematical algorithms, Nicanti has developed a technology for printing hidden information with electronic inks on various materials.

When materials are excited by radio frequencies they react in different ways according to their electronic properties. This is where Nicanti’s ingenuity comes in. Nicanti has created electronic inks that control the properties of different substrates. The combination of these inks and geometrics is called a NiCode™ which contains hidden information. The hidden information is filtered and decrypted when a reader is used on the printed NiCode™.

As such, NiCodes™ are very much like digital fingerprints: every piece of code can be combined in practically infinite ways, depending on the properties of selected inks and the sequence in which they have been printed. Printed NiCodes™ do not even have to be visible. They can be printed under laminated layers, hidden under a painting and they can be read even from the reverse side of the substrate.


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