Integrating the world’s genomics data

MediSapiens makes the world’s genomics data readily available. MediSapiens hosts the world’s largest unified gene expression database, which is used by biopharmaceutical companies in developing next generation personalized medicines, and by oncologists in choosing the optimal cancer treatments. As cancer is a highly personal and genetic disease, the MediSapiens data is able to express the oncogenic pathways in a patient’s tumor. By visualizing the genetic signature of the patient, they become optimally treatable. MediSapiens also provides a gene expression reference for biopharmaceutical research.

MediSapiens offers powerful easy-to-use visualization tools and advanced bioinformatics libraries designed to help biologists better understand genomics data.

MediSapiens believes that data matters and offers open access to the source data – the data being completely open for the development of SQL queries and R functions. Through the open access clients have been able to integrate their own data with that of MediSapiens’ and with high throughput screening (HTS) and next generation sequencing data.


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