Superior Topographic and Tomographic Imaging

FocalSpec Oy utilizes unique Lateral Chromatic Imaging (LCI) technique to develop and provide quality control systems and devices for industrial customers world-wide. Novel Lateral Chromatic Imaging technique provides unique precision and resolution for online measurements. LCI technique is a superior solution in several challenging application areas for surface and layer characterization, dimension and thickness measurements, gloss measurements and quality inspection.

LCI technology is applicable for diffuse, glossy, colored and transparent surfaces. The technique can be applied also to thickness measurement of transparent objects, transparent coatings on non-transparent objects and total thickness measurement of non-transparent objects. The FocalSpec business is based on continuing development of applications for the patented technique, originally developed at the Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT). Operation is based in Oulu, Finland.

Current application and focus areas of the company are metal gloss, roughness and burr height control; plastic and glass thickness and topography; package seal integrity especially in medical device packaging and measurements of printed electronics



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