Heptagon teams up with Spectral Engines and GreenTropism to Deliver Complete Spectrometer Solution for Consumer and Industrial Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Heptagon (www.hptg.com) announced the company’s new Smart Handheld Spectrometer solution, the first in Heptagon’s family of Smart Spectral Solutions targeting both demanding industrial uses as well as consumer applications. The solution reliably detects and analyzes common organic materials such as foods, fabrics and materials, agriculture, environment, medicine and pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and petrochemicals, and more. The solution goes beyond where human senses leave off to deliver information that can help ensure safety, increase quality, and improve health and well-being. Position the product against any material, call up the smart application on an iOS or Android handheld device, and press start to test the desired object. An infrared reflection spectrum is acquired, sent to the cloud database for analysis, and the results are nearly instantaneously displayed back to the phone or tablet, leveraging Simblee.

“Heptagon has been leading mobile optical component innovation for many years,” says Dr. Peter Roentgen, Manager of Advanced Research at Heptagon. “We have identified spectrometry as a new technology that may eventually enable a new wave of innovation in mobile phones. This handheld spectrometer is the precursor to a highly miniaturized consumer model currently under development.”

Today, there are already many potential commercial applications for spectrometry. Heptagon’s RF Digital Corporation collaborated with Spectral Engines and GreenTropism to realize Heptagon’s Handheld Spectrometer. Spectral Engines provides the integral light source and sensor for infrared spectroscopy. GreenTropism provides the industry-proven material knowledgebase and algorithms for identifying material and composition. RF Digital turned these technologies into the first RFduino footprint plug & play spectrometry building block – expanding the Simblee ecosystem of sensors – and created the handheld product: from system engineering, industrial design, electrical engineering design, mobile and cloud to product manufacturing.

“Commercializing the emerging field of spectroscopy today requires an expandable platform in order to add new materials in the future, as well as ultra-low-latency interactions with the cloud,” says Armen Kazanchian, Founder and President of RF Digital. “Simblee enables 3ms latency, an expandable and modular user interface, and agile development of IOT products, leading to the realization of the Smart Handheld Spectrometer which is prepared for future materials, in a record time.”

About GreenTropism

GreenTropism (www.GreenTropism.com) is an innovative company specialized in embedded software in the field of mass market and industrial spectroscopy. The company brings industry professionals easy-to-use, predictive and accurate data analysis algorithms that instantaneously analyzes the organic matter, providing precise results to drive any application or command control system.

About Spectral Engines

Spectral Engines Oy (www.SpectralEngines.com) is a high-tech company set to revolutionize spectral sensing by offering spectrometer performance at sensor price point. Our sensors will open new opportunities in the fields such as process spectroscopy, agriculture, food & beverage and gas sensing.

About RF Digital

RF Digital (www.rfdigital.com) designs and manufactures an extensive line of fully integrated, high quality, high performance, configurable Wireless RF Transmitter, Receiver & Transceiver Modules, suitable for nearly every type of application. For over 17 years RF Digital has supplied the aerospace, public safety, industrial and medical industries with reliable wireless modules, accompanied by excellent support. For more information about Simblee, visit www.simblee.com.

About Heptagon

Heptagon (www.hptg.com) provides complete, simple and seamless 3D imaging, illumination, sensing, and connectivity solutions powering the Interface of Things™ and Mobile Innovation. We enable new and unique ways for people to interact and interface with a smart connected world. With over 2 billion units shipped and 20 years of industry firsts in miniaturizing and integrating complex optical, mechanical, electrical, wireless and software systems, Heptagon has industry leading technology and services to enhance our customer’s competitiveness. Backed by world-class investors, Heptagon is a global company with research and development, sales and customer services teams located in Singapore, Switzerland, Silicon Valley and Hermosa Beach USA, Taiwan and China.

Additional information
Spectral Engines
Uula Kantojärvi
+358 40 738 5084




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VTT Ventures’ new Vice President, Investments comes from Vaaka Partners

Mikko Kumpulainen has started as new Vice President, Investments at VTT Ventures. Mikko has previously worked at Boston Consulting Group before joining Helmet Business Mentors and later Vaaka Partners where he worked as a partner responsible for private equity investments. Mikko graduated from Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Industrial Management and holds Master of Science in Economics from Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. At VTT Ventures Mikko is responsible for new venture creation with founders as well as portfolio management through several portfolio board positions.


Contact information:

VTT Ventures Ltd.
Mikko Kumpulainen
Vice President, Investments


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BioMensio Ltd is set to develop a novel handheld bio-screening sensor and associated services with €2.5 million funding

BioMensio Ltd, announces today a €2.5 million funding round from private investors, VTT Ventures, Siemens Technology Accelerator and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

BioMensio Ltd, announces today a €2.5 million funding round from private investors, VTT Ventures, Siemens Technology Accelerator and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. In addition to the capital injection, the investor consortium provides BioMensio with access to extensive knowledge and an industry network.

“BioMensio is now set to develop a smart handheld bio-screening sensor and associated cloud services to determine the presence of specific biomolecules. Rapid and accurate on-site testing enables fast and targeted action in the presence of multiple unwanted substances from a biological liquid based sample. The BioMensio biosensors allow cost efficient application development for businesses and governmental organizations in food and beverage, healthcare, security and defense segments as well as environmental monitoring area”, comments Ilari Antila, CEO.

Universality and simplicity are the main advantages of BioMensio label-free technologies. No labelling or analyte modifications are necessary unlike with traditional techniques. This makes the BioMensio sensor inherently universal and applicable to any analyte, or even DNA, on the lab-on-a-chip platform.

Joni Leinvuo, CTO BioMensio: “BioMensio devices will be powered by cost effective, well-scaling Mass- Sensitive Micro-Array (MSMA) technology. The sensing platform consists of microfluidics and an array of microscopic weighing scale pixels. Mass sensitive transducer chips are based on patented BioMensio Film-Bulk Acoustic Resonance (FBAR) technology combined with Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) – two technologies largely applied in high volume mobile device industries.”

Additional information

VTT Ventures Ltd,
CEO Antti Sinisalo
Mobile +358 40 524 8751

About BioMensio Ltd
BioMensio Ltd (www.biomensio.com) was established to build on international research programs and intellectual property of more than 15 patent families. BioMensio technologies result from ten years of science and combines research at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland with know-how of Siemens’ Research Labs.

About VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and VTT Ventures
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is the leading research and technology company in the Nordic countries, and has a national science and research mandate in Finland. It has over 70 years of experience supporting clients’ growth with top-level research and science-based results. VTT uses 4,000,000 hours of brainpower to develop new technologies every year. More information: http://www.vttresearch.com  VTT Ventures is the venture arm of VTT with 20 companies in its portfolio. It spins out and invests in the most promising VTT technologies with strong founders. More information: http://www.vttventures.fi

About Siemens Technology Accelerator GmbH
The Siemens Technology Accelerator GmbH (STA) has been established in 2001 as a fully owned subsidiary of Siemens AG. STA’s mission is to identify and implement the best possible strategy for the external commercialization of innovative Siemens technologies that fall outside of Siemens core business. The STA team has extensive expertise in setting-up technology start-ups and in the sale and licensing of
technologies. STA employs a proven three-stage approach for external commercialization, beginning with evaluation, through deal transaction, and on to portfolio management. More information: http://www.siemens.com/sta

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