Enjoy the cherries

VTT’s technological breakthroughs are backed by strong scientific research and supporting Intellectual Property (IPR). VTT Ventures selects the most promising of these breakthroughs for further development. The selection is based on the innovations’ large market and international growth potential, as well as their possibility to exit VTT Ventures within 5–10 years.

VTT Ventures offers investors access to the very best ideas emerging from VTT’s €280 million of annual R&D spending and the insight of 2,300 researchers.

The VTT deal flow

VTT Ventures annually evaluates hundreds of ideas developed by VTT researchers. The very same researchers are responsible for 2,000 scientific publications and over 100 patents and applications each year.

Investment focus

VTT Ventures makes investments in its spin-off companies together with venture capital partners. VTT is a multidisciplinary research center involved in a wide variety of scientific research.
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence
  • VTT Ventures Ltd

    VTT Ventures Ltd.’s mission is to focus on extracting value from VTT technology in developing VTT based high-tech companies with international growth potential.