Entrepreneur-in-Residence is VTT Ventures’ in-house entrepreneurial development program. The program is designed for those with entrepreneurial experience or an appropriate background who have the desire to head a startup technology company.

Working closely together with VTT Ventures, you begin to develop a startup based on a technological breakthrough developed at VTT. Your goal is to take the technology to the market with your spin-off team. In a very real sense, you make business from technology.

Through the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program you begin to construct the opportunities that build your career.

E-i-R Qualifications

  • Domain expertise (“Been there, done that”)
  • Multitasking
  • Not risk averse (Ambitious)
  • Strong professional network
  • Leadership qualities

E-i-R Engagement

  • Responsible for leading an incubation project together with the researchers
  • Responsible for producing a business plan and an investor pitch
  • Building a startup founder team
  • After a successful E-i-R project taking the lead as a startup CEO

Submit your CV

VTT Ventures is constantly on the lookout for E-i-R candidates. Submit your CV to let us know you’re interested in working with our spin-offs.

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