For Entrepreneurs

On a lookout for
global potential

From ambition to mindset, there are a few things that distinguish
the best from the rest.


The key in the technologies we invest in, is that they originate from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland research pool, have global potential and scalability, as well as IPR protection. Most importantly, we are looking for motivated teams and individuals with the right commitment and drive.


Our key principle is to work in close collaboration with entrepreneurs in the leanest possible way. Our work includes strengthening the founder team, selecting the co-investors and forming the board of directors with complementary skills.


Great things rarely
happen in isolation.


Therefore, we encourage and help entrepreneurs to engage with customers early on. Using our network, we also bring in external experts to share their insights.

In a nutshell, we work closely together with the entrepreneurs and maintain a long-term perspective, helping to convert technology into business through our knowledge and network.


Through our in-house entrepreneurial development program, we coach how business is formed out of technologies. The program is meant for individuals who wish to head a startup technology company, and have the right background and experience to do so.

Hear their stories


“When we sensed that the market was ready for our biodegradable bags, we had two options: either to found a startup or offer the concept to a bigger, more established company. We chose the first option, in order to bring our product to the market quicker, and I couldn’t be happier with our choice.”

“VTT Ventures has helped us tremendously after taking this step, from getting us through the first investment rounds to providing practical information on governance and legal matters. VTT Ventures’ credibility and experience has opened many doors. Most importantly, their way of working is a win-win: they always keep in mind what is best for the founders.”


“For me, the journey with Desentum started a few years back. I was already experienced in allergy and allergen studies, and was convinced about Desentum’s potential.”

“In our field, financing and resources are the key when developing an idea into a product, as there are several rounds of testing, prototyping and clinical studies. The assistance we received from VTT Ventures with the venture rounds, has therefore been invaluable for us. Together, we are preparing a bright future for Desentum.”

Join our EiR pool

Are you interested in joining a new spin-off based on the VTT technology? If you feel that you have what it takes, we are interested in hearing from you. Send your CV and cover letter to Mikko Kumpulainen.